Thesis on consumer purchase intention

What factors influence consumers to buy meat substitutes? Online shopping differs significantly in its characteristics from shopping in a traditional way. The aim of this study was to examine the adoption of online shopping and online shopping for clothing in particular and factors influencing the intention to purchase clothing online.

Such knowledge is essential to customer relationship management, which has been identified as an effective business strategy to attain success in the electronic market. However, even if the convenience and selection benefits are large there are clearly some deterrents to online shopping.

In this study business to consumer B2C e-commerce will be viewed as the adoption process and will be applied to a modified version of the technology acceptance model TAM to investigate the adoption of e-commerce and the potential resulting intention to purchase clothing online. Purchase Intentions nd the Internet - Which Products are most like Perceived risk has a negative effect on the intention to purchase clothing online.

UK consumers are among the most enthusiastic online shoppers in Europe www. Competition does not longer only come from a store around the corner, but from thousands of online stores from all over the world Solomon et al, Aspects such as web site quality, customer service and satisfaction with previous online shopping experiences, are crucial in decreasing the risk that consumers may perceive online Martin and Camarero, For products like clothing that are of sensory nature, consumers like to examine the product and assess their quality, colour and design.

The publishing website GRIN. Some products are more suitable for online retailing than others which depends on the characteristics of the products being marketed Kim and Kim, Parsons portray consumers who shop online as time-poor and to be averse to traditional shopping. Sociology - Basics and General. Perceived ease of use has no effect on the intention to purchase clothing online.

Perceived ease of use has a positive effect on the intention to purchase clothing online. Perceived risk has no effect on the intention to purchase clothing online. Another reduction of time and cost through online shopping can be found within the respect of travel.

Even though this can be regarded as a negative factor for the marketers, since it keeps shoppers from buying products impulsively, e. This anonymity can be of special value when consumers want to shop for sensitive products Perea et al. Online purchases in the last year Chart 3: Upload Papers, win an iPhone X. Free Publication of your term paper, essay, interpretation, bachelor's thesis, master's thesis, dissertation or textbook - upload now! Medicine - Public Health. However, the perception of risk is not the same for all consumers.

Technology Acceptance Model Figure 1: This judgement is normally affected by previous experience, the price of the purchase or the level of involvement and can therefore vary significantly from one person to another Harridge-March, Internet transactions are operated over a public domain and issues such as network security, transactional privacy and security can lead to high concerns of consumers due to a loss of control.

While some buyers find e-commerce risky and perceive it as an impractical way of buying, others value the advantages of e-commerce for their shopping purposes such as the ease of information searching and of comparing prices and products Martin and Camarero, Influence of Children on Family Purchase Decisions.

Conclusion and recommendations 6. Besides, online retailers are undergoing improvements in terms of service proposition, with free and next-day deliveries, easier guidance through their web shops and trend tips, attempting to make online shopping not only easier but also more interesting, thereby trying to enhance the shopping experience of customers online www.

Perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use and prior online shopping experience had positive effects on the intention to purchase clothing online. This is due to non-transparent web site policies often not possible. However, simply the attitude towards something is not necessarily a good predictor for actual behaviour as people are constantly influenced by external factors such as opinion of peers, personal experiences and information from new media Wu, Factors influencing Chinese employees' job engagement.

Association between gender and intention Table 5: The link between shopping experience and online shopping will be further discussed in the chapter about product involvement. The "Harry Potter" Brand. The Internet facilitates utilitarian behaviour as product information is widely available and search costs are significantly reduced, allowing shoppers to compare products and prices more efficiently, as they can just click from one online retailer to another with global reach of the Internet Kotler et al.

This is due to the inability to get the products right away and the fact that returning later to the web store without extra effort is possible. To summarise one can say that the main reasons why online shopping has a more appealing affect on utilitarian shoppers are; more freedom in terms of timing and the attributes of online shopping such as convenience, accessibility, rich product assortment at a glance, as well as availability of information and the reduction of search costs Wolfinbarger and Gilly ; Chiang and Dholakia, Also, fit of clothing is very important and the inability to see, examine and try the product on contributes to the high level of risk that is associated with online shopping for clothing Ha and Stoel, ; Hansen and Jensen, ; Sorce et.

The underlying research questions of this study are:. Perceived risk of online shopping is very different from that of traditional shopping. Descriptive Statistics List of Figures Model 1: Consumers normally decide intuitively whether something is risky or not. Correlation between intention and product involvement Table This will be tested through the following five hypotheses:.

At first sight, these attributes seem to give online retailers a great advantage over traditional shops. Consequently, consumers can put off a purchase when they are uncertain and come back to complete the buying process at a later date without going through the hassle of going back to a store.