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It does what it does well. I understand Word online can do that now as well, but I've not tried it yet. If you want to reuse a template frequently, you might want to set it up as a bookmark. Get a free copy of The Kormak Saga Omnibus and learn about Bill's latest releases before anybody else.

Easy to collaborate and get feedback. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Nor am I tied to any particular type of program. And also to send materials for your beta-readers. Ask for critique of your work outside the critique thread. I mean, eventually I will transfer everything back to Word, but Google Docs right now is what I'm using.

And yes, I do one mega-doc. And the company was acquired by Dropbox, so I'm excited about possible improvement in the future. John Calligan , Aug 29, If you're looking for feedback, or just want to share, keep it in the weekly stickied check-in thread.

Of course, I could be wrong. I use hackpad a lot now. I call it, the Cloud…. It's more specific to projects. Google docs as a brisbane-based writer which is one of office , of course, and part-time. The light weight and the battery capacity sometimes goes longer than 10 hours on a full charge really sells it for me.

Personally, I love having company while I write, and getting suggestions and even dares from my viewers. I guess if you're a professional writer, you could complain to your ISP that they're keeping you from your livelihood Ill pass it on, I dont think hes reddizen.

Yes, it is a good place to work. Planning a web-based http: I use it for my DM work so I can do stuff on the fly. Mine is an Asus 12". It's extremely unlikely that native Docs on something like a Chromebook would be vulnerable.

Your name or email address: I used to use it but got kind of sick of some issues it had mainly with load times and formatting. Plus I can work on documents during slow work days.

No, there are a few people around me using it for writing, and rightly so. Use multiple way to backup. Don't rely on one method. Yes, my password is: The only reason I say this is in case you're thinking of using it, are using it, or know of someone that's using it. Pin to collaboratively work through the write an internet connection.

You can use this sidebar to perform some basic searches. It has given me more opportunities to fiddle with things like tagging and status and so on. The quality and subject matter! More important are things like the process of creativity and what you have to say. This has been reinstated to an extent. Over the past year or so I have been experimenting with my writing process and software.

We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. Not for creative writing, though. Sorry for the confusion, posted this half awake. If you setup Google Drive on your various computers, you can have local copies as well.

Check out our wiki and FAQ. Thankfully Dropbox mostly solves the "I write on multiple machines" problem. I do, however, have a separate Google Drive that I have saved my Word files on. Where should I send your outline? For most workers, there is unlikely to be a problem. Those who have these privileges can leave each other responses to the comments. It is the industry standard used by editors, copyeditors and proofreaders. When I wrote my first novel I got into an issue where the page load times were too long.

Hope something above helps.