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Lesson 13 - Period Costs in Accounting: Accounting is quite a challenging subject, as it has lots of topics you need to master. Lesson 1 - What Is Accounting? Accounting studies makes things slightly more complicated, requiring students to be skilled in both math and legal studies as well. Lesson 18 - What Is Financial Data? Scott MacDonald , Timothy W. Lawrence J Gitman , Michael D. Definition and Importance of Financial Accounting Financial accountancy is the concerned with the preparation of financial statements for decision makers, such as stockholders, suppliers, banks, employees, government agencies, owners, and other stakeholders.

Jones , Franco Modigliani , Franco P. The fundamental need for financial accounting is to reduce principal-agent problem by measuring and monitoring agents' performance and reporting the results to interested users.

Our tutors have a clear understanding of Financial Accounting framework and concepts. Financial accounting is important because it enables informed decision making to cater for various needs of different users of the information including, management in budgeting, government in taxing the firm, potential stakeholders in deciding whether to invest in the firm, financial analysts in measuring performance of the firm to gauge against competitor and industry standards.

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Go to chapter Mechanics of the Accounting Cycle: Weygandt , Paul D. Lesson 15 - Perpetual Inventory System: Lesson 5 - Perpetual and Periodic Inventory Systems. Lesson 9 - Closing Entries: And for this, they often look for efficient and effective accounting homework help.

William Petty , John H. Lesson 12 - Operating Leverage: Dlabay , Robert J. Petty , John H. Lesson 15 - Shareholder Equity: Many universities and schools in US and UK follow the same grading criteria, and they believe in more and more papers and writing, so that students get to learn the subject on their own, but it is not possible to handle every assessment as it takes lots of time. All-in-all, most of your worries can be solved by timely accounting homework help - you would not be the first student who hated accounting and have ended up being a classy accountant.

However, there are many students who have a hard time with balance sheets and income statements and end up desperate and not knowing how to study this rock-solid subject. Lesson 23 - Net Loss: As the study and your practice during the course continue, you are becoming a master of the calculator, balance sheets and various financial statements.

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Lesson 41 - What is Fixed-Income Trading? Lesson 16 - Total Asset Turnover: Lesson 47 - What are Special Dividends? We will call you back in 15 minutes! Martin , Sheridan Titman , Arthur J. Bradford Jordan , Randolph W.

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Sheridan Titman , Arthur J. Lesson 9 - The Fundamental Principles of Accounting. It is a very effective way to get students to gradually learn and remember the important material and information as they progress in their studies.