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January 23, at 2: May 25, at 2: Keep your stories under 7, words 4, words is around the sweet spot. If you live abroad and submit by regular mail, please note that checks or money orders to cover reading fees must be issued in US dollars. January 15 to May 31st and September 1 to November 14 Payment: I found a typo in my submission.

Maybe instead of being a writer, I should be a publisher! You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook and hire her services here. January 17, at Does something posted on a blog count as previously published? Can I make changes to my essay once I submit it online? CNF typically considers only unpublished work and seeks first publication rights.

Featured resource Author Marketing Club Want to sell more books? Carrie Lynn Lewis says: Check out this roundtable discussion about the art of micro-essaying with some of the more prolific cnftweet-ers.

Story Magazine is, you guessed it, all about the story, whatever shape it takes. Ready to get started? How buying a subscription to CNF eliminates the cost of a reading fee. Purchase a subscription to Creative Nonfiction. Good luck to you! Virginia Quarterly VQR A diverse publication that features both award-winning and emerging writers, VQR accepts short fiction 2, to 8, words but is not a fan of genre work like romance, sci-fi, etc.

September 20, at 8: June 10, at We publish between writers every year, and we pay every single one of those writers; reading fees help offset that expense. Yes, it can be daunting, sitting in front of an ocean of work, wondering how to get it out in the world. Want to sell more books? Popular Posts 31 Free Writing Contests: Thank you ever so much in advance!

No word counts are mentioned, though a quick scan of the column shows most pieces are to 1, words. Open to a wide variety of fiction from mainstream to avant-garde, Crazyhorse puts no limitations on style or form. Have an idea for a literary timeline? Open September 1 to May 31 Payment: My essay is over your word limit. May 22, at 2: While your essay should be carefully proofread, a small typo will not influence the overall evaluation of your submission.

We updated it in May Thanks for posting this list. Not sure what we're looking for? This quarterly arts magazine focuses on literature, arts and society, memoir and essay. We try to respond to all submissions as soon as possible. Little snippets of true life stories, lots and lots of them. August 12, at 7: Why we charge reading fees.

Keep your word count between 2, and 8, words. July 5, at 6: Online submission is incredibly convenient for writers, but in some cases, it can be too convenient. Where to Submit Short Stories: I think to publish the story in New York Times magazine is a dream and honor for every writer.

September 19, at 2: September 1 to March 1 Payment: I published an essay in skirt! Our guidelines and all the good stuff can be found at http: Story Story Magazine is, you guessed it, all about the story, whatever shape it takes.

As a NYT bestselling author with four novels and two story collections under my belt , I know that my chances of getting into the New Yorker, Atlantic Monthly, Zoetrope, or Boulevard are exceedingly slim. Camera Obscura is a biannual independent literary journal that publishes contemporary literary fiction and photography. August 2, at 6: So i need all the help i can get. September 23, at 1: