Creative writing stimulus discovery

What would happen if…? If you know a lot about Neil Armstrong — work with that. You have your entire year 12 course to work on a killer creative writing piece. What different types of discovery can be seen? In the years , not once has Paper 1 specified a form that you have to use.

If not, comment below or contact us here if you want to ask more questions. Thanks for the feedback Karen and Christine! The best way to get comfortable integrating a visual or written stimulus into your story is through practice. When you have something to work with, it is simply a matter of moulding it to perfection.

Writing entirely in the present tense is not as easy as it seems, it is very easy to fall into past tense. However, you MUST remember that the last taste of your story that your marker has comes from the final words. The beach was windy and the weather was hot.

S Keep it simple! One of the main reasons stimuli are provided in the section is to prevent students from going into the exam and simply copying out a pre-memorised story. Your text will gain integrity from having a sense of reality which will organically appear in the description you provide. This is your chance to grab the marker and keep them keen for every coming word. What is important is that you are willing to shave away the crusty edges of the cake so that you can present it in the most effective and smooth icing you have to offer.

Your marker will be looking for examples of sophisticated language techniques and strong theme exploration in your story, just like English students search for these elements when studying a text. The documents below offer our analysis of each example. The car screeched to a stop in front of us. Comparative Study of Text and Context. Here it becomes apparent why the character needs to feel the impact of their discovery.

Textual stimuli usually come in the form of a sentence or a quote. Highlight and underline words, sentences and paragraphs that have no reason to be in your creative. Break any of these rules sooner than say anything outright barbarous. This character however, has spent enough time in the company of humans to be able to point out the differences between the old world and the new.

Have a look here and read this out loud:. No doubt what you wrote will have merit, perhaps it will be perfect, but the chances lean towards it having room for improvement. Some are beautiful, some are comical, and some are just really out there! Furthermore, as we have covered each part of the HSC English Exam, we are now making public our Essay marking service.

Most commonly, students write in the short story form. In HSC creative writing, you need to find a tense and stick to it.

Do the other characters change their tone when they are in the presence of this one character? From here, it becomes apparent that we have to reference the syllabus again in order to ensure that our ideas remain relevant to the Area of Study.

Resolving the story well! Use a motif that flows through your story. The car screeches to a stop in front of our unified bodies. Of course, this is a technique that you can use to your advantage. Perhaps your scene is a sporting field — describe the grazed knees, the sliced oranges and the mums on the sideline nursing babies.

Did you grow up in another country, where the air felt different and the smell of tomatoes reminded you of Sundays? The Board of Studies divides the concept of discovery, generally, into two spheres — discovery and rediscovery. It is very exhausting for a responder to read complex and compound sentences one after the other, each full of verbose and unnecessary adjectives. They can also be confronting and provocative.

If a word is hard to say, replace it with a simpler alternative. The next check should be done out loud. The NESA website contains past Paper 1 Advanced English exams, which you can use for practice with integrating stimuli into your stories. Your markers are smart people, they can do the work on their end, you just have to feed them the essentials.

You might slip into the present tense because you got lazy, because you forgot, or because that particular sentence had the urgency of a different tense. What do you want the final impact of the Discovery to be?

So, remember Step 1 where you met your best friend the Discovery syllabus. The weed amongst roses Discovery paper could look like this: You could create a creative piece that actually spans the entire life span of someone is this the life span of someone who lived to 13 years old or someone who lived until 90 years old?

My creative writing is about a person discovering a clock and revisits his past of his moments with his grandfather. Does writing a creative in a "philosophical" type of way detract from the plot? However, if your story is set in a familiar world, you may need to take a different approach.

The more unique yet well described the details are, the more tangible your setting is. Over describing things with adjectives is a common mistake people make when they try to show or try to sound intelligent. This is another call for editing! Below you will find the resources referenced through your workbook with the weblink icon, organised by chapter of the book.

Students consider the ways composers may invite them to experience discovery through their texts and explore how the process of discovering is represented using a variety of language modes, forms and features. The Ultimate Guide to Creative Writing. Students explore the concept of discovery through at least one of the following: