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This visit is also free and open to the public. Christiana is currently working on two separate book projects: Essays on Experiential Education, Now Write: Small, Versatile, Multi-Genre Program. Critical thinking plays a huge role in my work since federal education funds are often subject to cuts, which means that school districts need expert advice on how to coordinate all of their funding sources, so that they can accomplish their programming goals for students.

Take your writing skills outside the classroom: You will also need to meet admission criteria and apply to the program itself. I was drawn to Ball State because of its commitment to community and its encouragement of collaboration between faculty and students. This program fills a niche in Indiana as the only MA of its kind in the state. Read profiles of our faculty: Rhetoric and Writing - BA in English.

He has worked as a publicist at St. Through this immersive learning course, English students serve their community by teaching creative writing techniques and to write a text collaboratively. While I was an English major at Ball State, I developed skills that are very important to my current position such as: Their excellent work has been recognized with numerous national and international honors, which include fellowships, and grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, Harvard University, and the Indiana Arts Council.

While we directly serve the judiciary, our work helps serve the public by providing more informed and educated judges and court personnel. Toggle search Toggle navigation. Do you have any advice for English majors who are trying to figure out their next step? Tap for more navigation Tap for more navigation English Academic Programs. Allyson DeMaagd in a full-time contract faculty position. With over 10 years of field experience, he is now serving as a Federal Grants Specialist for the Indiana Department of Education.

What was your first job after graduation, and how did that lead you to your current position? Lynne Stallings brings her students into the Muncie community and the Muncie school system to teach English Language Learners. Are you interested in pursuing this major? If you would like to learn more about this program or about Ball State Graduate School in general, please complete our online form to request more information.

Jill Christman, Silas Hansen Screenwriting: The group, which is now led by Dr. But for people who want to learn more about getting involved in the humanities at Ball State.

Co-Curricular and Immersive Learning Opportunities. For a complete list of all the courses you will take and their descriptions, consult our Graduate Catalog. As an English major, I was presented with several really important leadership opportunities in the field of teaching. Katy Didden, Mark Neely Fiction: Garcia gave a talk at the Montreal Symposium in honor of Lydia White, who created the field of Second Language Acquisition in the s—and who just retired.

Creative Writing - BA in English. What skills did you learn as an English major that helped you transition into that job? Assistantships and Professional Experiences. A typical week involves: The only one of its kind in Indiana, our MA in creative writing is tailored for two essential purposes: The program also emphasizes creative writing pedagogy, literary citizenship, literary editing and publishing, and creative writing administration opportunities.

Rani Deighe Crowe, Matt Mullins. His first book, Last Call Univ. Journal of Writing and Environment. My current novel project, set partly in , features a protagonist who claims to commune with the dead.

Coming out of Ball State, I was sure I wanted to become an editor at a huge publishing firm in NYC — mainly because I thought that was all that was available. Instead of discovering and advancing original science about an eco-issue, or conducting research on it, my CNF involves aggregating and synthesizing existing knowledge with historical data, cultural happenings and contemporary events ecological hazards, natural disasters, food issues, climate change and the like in order to probe mysteries, illustrate basic truths and tell a good story.

My partner is also a new English faculty member at Indiana Academy. Our graduates go on to work in marketing, publishing, non-profit fundraising, speechwriting, as well as in countless other fulfilling occupations.

In June , as the David R. Tenth Anniversary Reader, Teachable Moments: The skills to read like a writer. As part of our graduate program in creative writing, you will study with highly experienced, well-published, nationally recognized faculty with diverse areas of expertise and a deep commitment to teaching. Our graduates go on to work in marketing, publishing, non-profit fundraising, speechwriting, as well as in countless other fulfilling occupations.

Garcia, is resuming its monthly meetings this fall. English Language Learning Dr. You can schedule a visit through our Office of Undergraduate Admissions. This approach allows me to search out odd pockets of meaning, forge creative links, make connections between disparate elements and ultimately examine the social and cultural implications of the human drama beneath the sheer weight of numbers, facts and information.

How would you describe your perspective on teaching? Learn more about her on her website. I investigated the validity of video-based L2 academic listening tests, so I was preoccupied with collecting and analyzing data and writing up the results. Jill Christman had two essays published over the summer: In my CNF essays I coax from raw facts and empirical data the kind of nonfiction narrative that is at once grounded in information but also emotionally evocative.

Post-Soviet environmental issues in Russia are an enduring passion. He has over 10 years of experience teaching English and linguistics in the US and Russia. For a complete list of all the courses you will take and their descriptions, consult our Course Catalog. What are you currently reading, if anything? The program encourages cross-genre study in: Later, I was given some administrative opportunities as an Athletic Director and Assistant Principal in a large school corporation.

She teaches primarily undergraduate Creative Writing classes, such as the Write Like a Woman course she created in and has been teaching writing for nearly 30 years. He has also taught, as a Distinguished Visiting Professor, at St. Where are you from and what led you to Ball State?